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We will now enable your computer to view Bangla in accordance with SNLTR Standard.

Note that you have to do it only once. You need not do it for future viewings on the same machine.

Please follow the steps given below :

1.  Click here & after that press either Run or Save. [If you press Run the file called "Baishakhi_3.0.0.60_x86_x64.exe" will be automatically installed. If you press Save, the file called "Baishakhi_3.0.0.60_x86_x64.exe" will be downloaded in the directory of your choice and then you have to follow the instructions given below.]

2.  Go to that directory.

3.  Run the file "Baishakhi_3.0.0.60_x86_x64.exe".

4.  Refresh your Browser (under View option)

You are ready for Bangla Viewing. Click on Continue.